Never work after-hours again....

Imagine finishing your day at the clinic and walking out the door with your patient documentation completed. Our virtual scribes are assigned to you and know your working style, preferences, and requirements.

Our experienced and professional scribes provide personalized support to capture clinic notes in real-time while you deliver the utmost care for your patients. Call us today for a 1-1 consultation! 

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How It Works

Efficient Patient Engagement

Start your day meeting with patients while your scribe pre-charts and documents every visit. 

Scribing for Effective Patient Care

As you discuss plans and treatments with patients, your scribe simultaneously inserts information into your EMR. Win-Win! 

Stress-Free, Work-Life Balance

Once you complete your patient visits, head home and do more of what you love! Your scribe will tie up all the loose ends for you. 

60 physicians had a 3.6 out of 4 average response to statement, 

“Using a scribe has increased my job satisfaction”

Virtual Scribe makes my day easier by handling charting and documenting patient encounters. I'm more focused on my patients and no longer buried with notes after hours.

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Key Features

Trained Scribes

We employ career scribes trained in medical terminology, patient-physician interaction, EMR and charting.

Eliminate Workload 

Your scribe will pre-chart, record history of present illness, review of systems, physical exam and assessment plan and enter notes directly into your EMR. 

More Time = More Money

Scribes maximize your efficiency by allowing you time to focus on patient care, reducing the risk of physician burnout. 


Real-time communication to keep your patient encounters updated securely and privately. 

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Speak directly with our staff, who will set up a demo or discuss how our platform can benefit you and improve your workflow. 

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